The audiovisual industry is very consumeristic. It needs a huge quantity of resources, which are not unlimited, and it uses them for just a very short time. 

More sustainable shoots will play an essential role in the respect of the Eco-System and for the future of productions, that’s why our film sets are eco-friendly, ethical and clean conscious. 

​We’ve decided to move towards a more green-conscious audiovisual world with the following sustainability criteria:


Reduction of paper 

we work digitally, and only print what is necessary, Callsheets, Crew list, PPM booklet, wrap book, and many more are all digital.



Reduction of plastics

we eliminated all disposable plastic bottles and giving all the crew members reusable bottles that they could fill at bigger containers distributed around the set.

we use compostable silverware, recycle paper towel, paper cups 



Recycling friendly

we have designated trash and recycling bins all over the set.



Elimination of food wasting

After a shoot, we donate leftovers from the catering service to homeless centers or social services.



Reduction of toxic products

We are using less toxic paint when it comes to building a set.



Reduction of gas emission

We Communicate with our gaffer and G/E team to ensure that lights are unplugged and turned off when not in use.
We created guides with resources for all departments that participate in our shoot, with recycling tips.


We believe these small gestures represent the start of an ecological transformation of the film industry and will have the greatest impact on the environment and on human beings.

Yann Henric & Carlos Berrizbeitia —